Draft Committee Minutes 11-Jan-2024

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Charity Number 1176269

Committee Meeting 

Draft Minutes

Chairman: Lindsay Secretary: Jess

Date: 11/1/24         Time:1930h

Venue: Captain Jack’s, Woolacombe

Present: Lindsay, Jess (minutes), Jo, Anne Marie, Andreya, Jacqui, Jason, Kiran, Keith, Don, Nicola, John, Jay, Steve

Apologies: Annette, Joe, Nathalie, Katie, Keida, Corrina, Fiona, Joy

2) previous meeting minutes- 
a) Kit sort out – on hold until lighter evenings
b)Electronic flyers advertising that Nippers open for new members – Jacqui sorting out new labels for charity boxes first and will then do this
c) 2022/23 accounts auditing  -Don has had them back and will send to Charity Commission
d) Membership process – Forms coming in, won’t be able to tell until end of month re payments as standing orders throughout month; seems to be working ok
e) Devon SLS training day 28th Jan – Lindsay, Keith, Jo CW, Gail and Nicola to go as no further nipper parents able to go – need to email Jan re Nicola
f) Club Emails – Jacqui, Anne Marie and Andreya now have them – Jess will add
g) constitution – Don has reviewed, Charity commission have correct version
h) publishing minutes on website – Steve forgot last month, will do
i) press/publicity -youth -Kiran agreed to do this  – thanks, photos with brief report linked to training/events/selections etc  – send to Steve for website, Kiran to add to socials, Anne Marie offered to circulate any ‘articles’ as has a good circulation list, Jo Clifton has offered to do this for Nippers
j) sustainability proposal  -Anne Marie and Jess will take forward
k) Club asset list – Andreya will add her photos/list to shared drive                        – Lindsay to ask Lucy C to share her asset list she created                        – section reps to communicate with their members so full list of kit can be made 

l) Club hut frame

John, Jay, KeithJacqui Don

SteveKiranAnne Marie

Anne MarieAndreyaLindsaySection repsJohn and Jay
John and Jason
3) Whats App decisions – 
a)Legacy data held by Charlie Easy onto Club Google Drive with only Don having access
b)Charity boxes to be relabelled by nipper parent
c)Charity box from Shore to surf needs replacing  -done

4) Section reports – Nippers Break over Christmas, encouraging everyone to compete
                             Youth – ongoing training, Keith will ask youth members for balancing payment at end of pool/Pilton hall sessions to cover extra training costs
                             Masters – Lindsay organising team for Still waters
                             Treasurer – financial report shared, no concerns
                             Safeguarding – need list from Jacqui and Keith of all parent helpers who will need DBS checks – safeguarding team can then cross check with SLSGB

Jacqui, Keith, Anne Marie, Corrina
5) Event calendar     –   National update from SLSGB at Sandy Park Saturday 3rd Feb  -Keith, James, Lindsay, Michelle all planning to go, need to book through SLSGB, club will cover their costsAnne Marie to ask Corinna if she is able to make it
St Johns Quiz night – Nicola will look into, Lindsay volunteered Geoff as quiz master
Black Rock Run – look into insurance options to see if possible to open this up to under 18s, Nicola happy to organise
Red Barn band night – ask Simon Jones if his band could do gig for us as very popular last year
Club Fun Day, September 7th
Active decision not to hold Kings Race this year as it only broke even because Parkin Estates kindly paid for lifeguard cover. There is no guarantee that they would do the same this year which exposes us to fairly significant financial costs

Anne MarieNicolaJo NicolaAndreya
6) Lifeguard course/Awards     –   Annette has not had much interest from the post she put out on facebook about lifeguard course; strong feeling that important to try to promote this and find a way to make it possible for instructors and members; consider intensive week course/different ways of running it – needs d/w Annette Need for more qualified coaches in club – particularly in Nippers, Lindsay to d/w SLSGB about setting up course, Jacqui to communicate with nipper section about why we need parents to do this; similar discussion around competencies and need for these to be done before beach season start – ideally in second half of April

Jo H /Annette

Lindsay, Jacqui
Jo H and Annette
7) Interclub meeting – Club tensions have already been discussed at Devon Sports Committee, Keith will take forward with Sandy B-  Jacqui would like to arrange meeting with other nipper reps locally, suggest Fun Day with mixed club teams- 
Discussed code of conduct and process if parents don’t follow it – Jo H And Anne Marie will look at this

Jo H, Anne Marie
8) Nipper pathway – Plan had been to include the cost of this in nipper membership but was overlooked.  The club covered it last year. £12 per nipper so is a significant amount. Don will d/w RichardDon
9) SLS Fins  -grant is in but won’t hear anything until end of Feb; really needed before then; Andreya will chase, find out if any potential for retrospectively funding; Kiran will check with Ocean Perf as possibility they may be able to sponsor something like thisAndreyaKiran
10) Craft policy – Jo H already done some work on this, draft on shared drive; Keith will take forward – needs to come to committee to review, ensure everyone understands what we have agreed and can help communicate it to members/parentsKeith
11) Sponsorship Kiran will ask ocean Perf -no other ideas at present
12) AOB- Ilfracombe Watersports centre can be booked to use slip way – may be good option for bad weather days, Lindsay will get club onto booking system so can use if needed- Club needs a Safety officer – need to be a qualified life guard; Jay will ask Kai- Kiran and Bob recognised as Heroes of Surf in SLSGB annual awards -well done



Date of Next Meeting: 22/2/24

Meeting Closed: 2130h

Prepared By:   Jess Approved By:

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