Committee Minutes 11-Dec-2023

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Charity Number 1176269

Committee Meeting 

Draft Minutes

Chairman: Lindsay Secretary: Jess

Date: 11/12/23 Time:1930h

Venue: Captain Jacks Bar, Woolacombe

Present: Lindsay (chair), Jess (minutes), Steve, John, Nicola, Don, Jacqui, 

Apologies: Keith, Joy, Anne-Marie, Andreya, Fiona, Jay, Jason, Annette, Joe, Jo

2) previous meeting minutes–Wayne’s barn now emptied -thanks John, kit at John’s house, Keith going to help him sort through; will involve Jay
John, Keith, Jay
3) Section reports – Nippers – numbers slightly down, gaps in some age groups, agreed electronic flyers to be sent out to schools locally – will ask Gail for a contact list, will also ask Naeve at Lex Leisure whether we can put notice up at pool
Youth – training ongoingOpen – no reportMasters – ideally need more numbers at training, lots of people keen
Treasurer – Rich’s report read out, need to check he has sent last year’s account to Janet                   Don will sort out thank you for Janet
Safeguarding – now have 2 safeguarding officers – thanks; they now have access to SLSGB and will begin to work through outstanding DBS checks
Devon – Youth (3rd March) and nipper (10th March) pool packs to be issued towards end of Jan, returned by 16th Feb; agreed £20.50 entry fee; officials meeting 19th Feb for both events -team managers welcome

Anne Marie and Corinna
4)Membership Process
Not enough time to move to an app based system this year, looking at google form to see if this can save time etc. Sub group meeting next weekDiscussed changes to SLSGB membership and emails they have sent out.  Need to ensure members know that we are still sorting this via the club not direct to SLSGB
Steve has been looking into costs of direct debits with different companies.Memberships systems document on shared server where information about different systems being collated

Don, Lindsay, Jo, Steve
5) Event calendarConfirmed dates for beach nationals – Masters 27-28/7, Youth 29-30/7, Ocean Perf 1/8, Nippers 2-3/8Competition dates being kept updated on websiteClub dates for 2023 need deciding – roll to next meeting when more members present

6) Devon SLS training day
Sunday 28th March in Tiverton, for section reps and volunteers who help out at competitions, possibly with a view to some becoming ‘officials’ in the future.  5 funded places. Names needed by 7th January to Jan ReidJacqui will try to attend and will ask nipper parents she feels may be keen – names mentioned Charlotte Smallridge, Robbie LangLindsay will go and will ask Keith to message youth parentsJess to unable to attend, John T expressed some interest, Jo H a possibleNames to Jess by Friday 5th Jan so I can forward on

7) Google Drive, club emailsCommittee members to email Steve ( if they would like a @WSLSC address.  This will give access to the google shared drive where lots of relevant documents will be kept.  Ideal if most official club emails came from one of these addresses.  Separate area on google drive to be made for documents linked to issues such as safe guarding for which only restricted individuals will have access.Once email addresses set up (assuming you will check it fairly regularly!) please let Jess know ( so I can email you on that address

8) Constitution
Various copies of constitution in circulation.  Dates from when club became a CIO.  Old constitution now more of a set of rules.  Copy held by charity commission needs to match the copy we are using.  Don will look into this

9) Admin – Whats app protocol  -agreed section on minutes to record decisions made on Whats app since last meeting. Jess will keep note of theseDecisions can be made over whats app but no one must raise any objection  – if any concerns then needs discussing at meetinga minimum of 6 members must signal their agreement to the proposal72 hours from posting proposal to allow time for committee to see message and reply
Publishing minutesAgreed will publish on website but label draft as won’t have been ratified until next meeting.  Publish 72 hours (ish) after being sent out to give time for any obvious errors to be rectified

10) Grants update – document on shared server so all committee members with access can see what grants are in process/been awarded and also list of other possible funding streamsDocument for everyone to use/updateSeveral grants ongoing at present -thanks to those involved
11) Sponsorship  -Moved on to next meeting’s agenda
12) Press/publicityJo Clifford (nipper parent) has agreed to do this for nippersLindsay to ask Keith re youth parentHope that the 2 can work together

13) Sustainability proposalReviewed.  All in agreement with principal.  Happy for an Environmental Code of Conduct to go out with membership.  Wording needs finalising.For further discussion re rest of proposals when Anne Marie presentAnneMarie
14) Craft policy  -moved on to next meeting’s agenda
15) Club Asset listAndreya has a list of kit that was in the club hut before it was movedLucy C made an asset list 12+ months agoNeed to amalgamate these and ensure up to dateJohn and Jay
16) AOBClub hut frame too big and potentially hazardous.  Lindsay to ask permission from Parkin at upcoming meeting for John to have access to cut the extra lengths offDiscussion about tensions between local clubs – recent issue with pool nipper boards and concerns about deliberate damage, Lindsay to follow up with Sandy Brown as she was looking into club relationshipsSteve wanted it recorded that the club emails and shared drive has been organised under the ‘Google non -profit’ scheme so is not costing the club.  Also ‘microsoft non-profit’ approval which may be useful in future



Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 11th January, 7.30pm, Captain Jacks

Meeting Closed: 2140h

Prepared By:  Jess Approved By:

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